When it comes to employing someone to do a job for you the important things to consider are industry knowledge, experience and peace of mind. It is important that the company you have entrusted with that job knows what they are doing.

Why choose Recruitment Mergers?

Recruitment Mergers work exclusively within the recruitment sector, so our expertise is not diluted in the same way as general M&A consultancies. With a combined total of over 75 years’ recruitment industry experience within the group and an unparalleled knowledge of the industry, Recruitment Mergers are the market leader in M&A within the global recruitment sector.

Industry contacts

Recruitment Mergers have spent a number of years working with recruitment providers across the UK and globally to assist with their growth plans. Over this time we have built up a database of contacts with which other M&A consultancies are simply unable to compete. We have access to more than five-hundred live, registered buyers.


Our marketing strategy is second to none, ensuring that only the right people are made aware of the proposed sale and in the right way. Confidentiality and discretion are paramount during this period.

Personal service

Unlike generic M&A consultancies, Recruitment Mergers are able to assign a Senior M&A Advisor to manage your exit strategy. With this personal service we ensure that the same point of contact will be present for meetings, consultancy and structure to whatever level you require throughout the process. We understand that this is the most important transaction for a company owner and needs to be handled as such.

Increased deal conversion

The general rule of thumb within global M&A is that only 20% of deals are actually completed. There is an infinite number of potential issues within any single transaction and they differ from company to company. Through experience and industry knowledge Recruitment Mergers know exactly what is required to overcome these stumbling blocks, adapt to new problems, and find creative solutions to ensure that the sale of a company meets the owners’ exacting standards.

Business model

Our industry exclusivity provides an edge within the M&A market which is quite simply unmatched. No other M&A consultancy has a direct line to the globe’s largest recruitment consultancies. In addition to a registered buyers list in excess of six-hundred companies, we have a global database with thousands of relevant industry contacts.

Recruitment Mergers are able to collate a shortlist of interested parties, usually anywhere between twenty and fifty strong, within the space of just a couple of weeks.

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